Meet Loki

So we left Lerwick on the boat on Monday afternoon in the Landrover.  We had a nice cabin and were situated by the lift.


I took Daisy, my eldest daughter with me and we quickly hit the bar and then the restaurant.  It was a calm crossing, thankfully as neither of us are particularly good sailors.


And so we arrived in Aberdeen at 07.00 and started our drive to Elgin equipped with an element of bravery and the sat-nav.  Aberdeen traffic was vile. The drivers were all nasty and I was beeped for not moving off fast enough at roundabouts.  I can only go as fast as I can and beeping at me won’t make me go faster and, at the end of the day, if you want war, bring it on because I am in a Landrover and you are not – was what I thought!

Anywho, we arrived at the Kennel/Cattery safely, if a tad frazzled.


We introduced ourselves and the dog-with-no-name was brought out to meet us.


First impressions was that he was smaller than we thought, was in good nick (not too thin) and he was fairly calm about meeting us.  Quite detached, though.  We were asked if we wanted to take him for a walk and they had set aside a small paddock with a mown pathway around the edge for this.  So off we trotted.


He met the local chickens and did not look at them, but was quite excited about the cats in their outside cages.  We started to be a bit nervous for Wussums but Daisy and I decided that we liked the dog and we would go ahead with the adoption.


The paperwork signed, we piled him into the back of the Landrover and drove off.  It was hot but the Landrover remained nicely cool.  We stopped off at Tesco for provisions and Daisy walked Woody (that was his name then) while I shopped.


As we had a long trip home, we made for Aberdeen Fun Beach.  Fun, fun, fun.


Woody met other dogs and didn’t react.  He just got on with everything.  That was a huge relief.


He liked the sea which is good – we have lots of sea!


A long walk and back into the Landrover and off on the boat home.  There were no available kennels and Woody seemed fairly relaxed about his bedroom in the back of the Landrover, so he stayed there.  We went down at 19.00 and 22.00 to let him out for a pee, and he kept his space clean all night (good boy).


So we got home at 09.00 and we let him into the garden to meet everyone.

L1070065 L1070064 L1070059

BeAnne likes him, which is good.


Jack’s happy little wagger is very happy.


Wussums is not impressed.  He may be traumatised.

L1070088 L1070075

There have been slight games in the school.


Woody has been renamed Loki by everyone.  It suits him and we are focussing him on teaching him his name.  He is also a potential thief.  Typical lurcher.  The eyes are watching…..

L1070095 L1070092 L1070097

Chickens are friends not food.  But this is another work-in-progress.  I have given him a sheepskin rug as his bed as he likes to spread out.


So here is Loki.  I hope he is happy with us.  I think we love him.


My happy little Scratch Pack!

L1070164 L1070145 L1070146 



10 thoughts on “Meet Loki

  1. Michelle

    So glad you found your newest family member! Doesn’t look like you could ask for smoother introductions. I hope he warms up as he realizes he is HOME.

  2. Trish

    Awww…… what a handsome dog! I absolutely love lurchers, he has landed on his feet finding a new home with you guys. I hope things continue to go smoothly.

  3. Sam

    Glad to see the new family member and that Jack and BeAnne like him. Wussums will need to teach Loki who is “top dog/inside critter”. Congrats!


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