I’m off to see a man about a …..

It is foggy here.


Simone is happy playing horses.  We brought them all down and she can help herself.



She rode Haakon in the school and understands him and his little ways!


She said he had changed a great deal.  I like to think it is all the hard work I put in but it is probably everyone else keeping him fit while I am off-games (August, only until August, Mr Surgeon-Man said).

BN2A5008 BN2A5011

I am so pleased she noticed a change in him.  I did put many hours in all those months ago.

BN2A5098  BN2A5097 BN2A5066

I have asked her to concentrate on his tölt, which seems to have gone a bit pacey but is certainly there with enough half-halts and concentration.


So I am off south for 2 nights …….


….to see a man about a dog!


Please keep everything crossed.  Daisy is coming with me.  We return on Tuesday night’s boat.  Richard, Simone and Floss are holding the fort.  I hope BeAnne and Jack like him.


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