Sofa So Good!

Well, today Loki learned how to deal with his second speshul skill – the sofa.  He tackled this potential hurdle with absolutely no problem or assistance from any of us and settled quickly.

L1070167 L1070181

His first speshul skill was to ignore the chickens, which he now dutifully does.  I am impressed.  He does not give them a second glance now.


We spent some time in the shed and BeAnne showed him the benefit of behaving.  Daisy was equipped with Dreamies (a cat treat that Wuss loathes as they don’t come in Human or Dog Flavour).


Then outdoors to see if Loki would like to wander around the field.  I asked Daisy to walk with him on the long lead as I am too scared of tripping, which is becoming more and more inevitable at the moment.


BeAnne stayed with me and sat down to smell the flowers.  They are beautiful now and the fields smell wonderful. She is very precious.


I decided that Loki needed to run.  He knows about coming home and waits by the front door to be let in so we let him off the lead in the field.  I expected him to gallop about madly but he just explored and came with us so that was encouraging.

BN2A5245 BN2A5251

Daisy and Simone are riding the horses.  Klængur looks *** cough *** pregnant!


I am ashamed but the grass is growing and he is happy.  He is much more settled now with himself and his environment, which is good.


So that is us.  Loki is learning how to be one of us.  I de-wormed and de-flea-ed him today. He is sociable with other dogs and Wuss is still sulking having been chased yesterday.  That will have to be Loki’s next speshul skill to learn. I have not introduced him to the horses yet either but he met Mootie today and liked her (what is not to like ❤).


Last night Loki slept in the kitchen in front of the Rayburn with Jack.  Not a murmer. I thought he would whine but he was silent.  No accidents in the morning either.  I think he has found his home – the sofa!

L1070223 L1070210



4 thoughts on “Sofa So Good!

  1. Sam

    Always good when the critters look like the humans! So glad to hear Loki is settling in, in spite of Wussums!

  2. David

    Mum and I are green with envy. Loki looks the perfect lurcher. Very good looking , a good height and bidable. Seems to have settled in SO well. God, you’r lucky. Wish we had him.
    Super of BeAnne being Ferdinand the Bull. Loved it!!!


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