A Trip Into Town

I haven’t left the house for a while and since it was raining, no one wanted to ride, Daisy very kindly said she would drive me into town for a change of scene.

We checked up on the Minions and Lilja en route first.  They seemed happy and fat enough.

And then onwards to Lerwick.

Poor Daisy had to drive through a torrential downpour of rain – it was a triple-speed wiper job.

It immediately brightened up when we arrived in town and so we rewarded our (Daisy’s) efforts with haggis and chips in the car park.  I only tell you this interesting fact because we were instantly stalked by a large herring gull with only one thing on its mind – our chips!

The bird sat on the bonnet of our car ever hopeful.

I was fascinated.

When I mentioned to my mother, who lives in deepest darkest Englandshire, that I was thinking of going to town today she tasked me to find her a puffin fridge magnet.

So we searched the shops for this one item.  In my mind’s eye I wanted to buy a puffin-shaped fridge magnet, but no, this appeared to be impossible.  There are no puffin-shaped fridge magnets in the whole of Shetland.

Puffin everything else.  Just not magnets.

I ended up buying a small picture of a puffin that also served as a fridge magnet.  Not ideal but it would have to do.  At least it was from a local shop photographed by a local photographer.

Anywho, onwards and upwards.  We finished doing “the Street”.

A quick amble around the supermarket for essentials and then home to be welcomed by Her Maj who had sat outside all day waiting for us to come home.

She was very pleased to see us – she really was!

6 thoughts on “A Trip Into Town

  1. janet

    loved this tale…and the photos are brilliant..looked quiet on the street …too quiet almost like the place had been deserted. Good to know you enjoyed your trip out –

  2. Margaret Robinson

    What gallant shoppers you and Daisy are and it would never have occurred to me that no one would be minus a Puffin magnet for a refrigerator.

    Until today and seeing the first photo of Her Maj on your newest post, I hadn’t made a connection — at our vet’s is a photo of a darling dog who looks almost exactly like yours. Will see if they can make a copy and I’ll send it to you. Ironically wonderful to know that these cuties (well, Her Maj is just that with a truly royal personality) can be so similar in such far-reaching areas.

  3. Kolla Kolbeinsdottir

    Hey Francis, I have enjoyed reading your blog enormously through the years. I’m recently back to the US from my visit home to Iceland, and I picked up a puffin shaped magnet for you to pass on to your mum, if she’s still looking. It has a little flag on it saying “Iceland” that should be easy enough to snip off with kitchen scissors. If you’d like it, please send me a mailing address so I can post it on!

    1. Frances Post author

      You are marvellous! I am amazed and thrilled.

      My address is Frances Taylor, Thordale, Walls, Shetland ZE2 9PE United Kingdom.

      Wow! Many thanks xx
      (I will tell my Mother of its immense journey)


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