Many Ponies

I went to see a friend yesterday.  She owns Gue Stud and breeds Shetland ponies.  We were visiting the mares and foals so prepare yourself for the photos (you know me!)

We stood in the field, my friend shouted and as if by magic they appeared. Perfect.

(I may have to sneak these home with me, I doubt anyone will notice.)


We had a wonderful time.  The ponies were very tame. I had a few nose kisses from mares and foals and felt very happy surrounded by little enquiring minds.

These two were enchanting.

Apparently, they are the best of friends.

There is something very special about a herd of miniature Shetland ponies.

And then suddenly someone said let’s gallop.

So the whole lot set off and had a mad half hour around the field. I have no idea why but it was excellent to watch.

We all just stood there while every Shetland pony galloped flat out circling us.

The secret is not to move.  No pony will ever run into you if you stand still – they just work around you.

I could’ve watched them all day and now I wish I had taken even more photos!

Eventually, the ponies stopped for a few minutes to huff and puff and then regroup.

And then they set off again at full speed.

It was spectacular.  I won’ forget this afternoon.

We were at Gue Stud – home of some lovely miniature Shetland ponies. I thoroughly recommend.  It was very obvious they are much loved, well bred and run very, very fast!  I could watch them all day. It was like being amongst a miniature herd of wild Mustangs stopping for the occasional nose kissey!


10 thoughts on “Many Ponies

  1. Kerry

    How absolutely glorious – your photos and comments made me laugh out loud. I think the herd looks like they are celebrating the sheer joy of living or else just performing for you.

    Wonderful and joyful – thanks for sharing

  2. Sam

    I did not know Shetland ponies could get the zoomies like this. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing – and I do think those two foals would have fun at your house.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Much better than wild Mustangs. They’d never stop for a kiss and most likely the head stallion would try and make off with one or more of the mares – whether you’re onboard or not (I know this from experience). These ponies are much more friendly and lovable!

  4. diane in northern wis

    Love the pictures ….. such beautiful ponies….I especially love the ones that look like Paints! Thank you for sharing your fun day!

  5. Louise Stopford

    OMG What an overload of gorgeous photo’s!! Looks like you had a fabulous afternoon and who wouldn’t surrounded by all those wonderful little souls. Can you sneak one over to Cheshire for me?? Thanks for sharing your afternoon – you have no idea how much you brighten my day.


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