A Visitor

Last night, our trainer Bjørn told us that Christina Lund had sailed all the way from Norway to Shetland to surprise him. This is the same Christina Lund who won a silver medal at the World Championships in the four-gait class on her stallion Lukku-Blesi frá Selfossi. An incredible achievement.

Today, she asked if she could visit Thordale to take a look at Efstur since she previously owned his mother (Brá) and owns his father, Alfur frá Selfossi.

We caught Efstur and asked Bjørn to free lunge him round the school so we could see his movements.

Efstur is three years old and is currently going through his awkward stages in conformation but it is interesting to see how his gaits are developing.

He showed a very nice trot and there is no doubt that tölt is there.

Christina said he is most definitely five-gaited. His canter was pacey but it was hard for him to find his balance in the school. He even threw in a couple of bunny hops which were very funny.

So all is good.

Another Thordale youngster doing well.

And then we put Efstur back into his field to join his friends who watched on in disbelief that anyone thought he might be remotely interesting!

So ya boo sucks to you guys.  Efstur is five-gaited.  Tis official.  So there!

6 thoughts on “A Visitor

  1. Carol

    How lovely for Christina to meet the beautiful horse who was a mere embryo when his dam was sold to you.

    How sweetly ironic it would be if she wanted to buy him back.

  2. Christine

    My 5 gaiter has exactly the same canter and he is 12! But he does have a great trot and tolt, which is all this old lady requires. Your boy has some excellent trainers so I am sure he will be a lovely true 5 gaiter.


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