Made a Ster

I am trying to avoid (read hide from) the horses and ponies. They have all become a bit too used to an afternoon snack when I gave Vitamin her injections and put the rugs on.  There are no more injections (the antibiotic course has finished and we are seeing how she gets on without analgesia) and it isn’t raining, so this morning I took off the rainsheets.  Everyone has moved off into their fields and my theory is that if they can’t see me, they can’t come rushing up for food!

So, I snuck into my shed to make my daily felted sheep.  I chose a small bag of wool that I hadn’t seen for a while but appeared after a massive tidying up from the other day.

As I worked with the wool, I realised it was incredibly soft and very definitely ‘Ster’s so obviously I made a ‘Ster.

It took longer than usual just because I was not used to the wool and the needle would bounce off.

And I used my new stamp/label combo so now my sheep is shop-ready.

And all this reminded me of when ‘Ster first came to us back in the winter of 2015 and so I had to go and find his baby pictures.

Oh, he was sweet as a little lamb.

This was Day 1 when he first met BeAnne and then a few days later, he talked to Flossie (his first human contact).

He was very wary of everything but it didn’t take long – just a couple of packets of ginger biscuits and he soon got the point.


Well you would, wouldn’t you?

On a diet of other things apart from biscuits, ‘Ster grew and grew and is pretty huge now.  A dear boy.  He has separation anxiety and likes to be hugged all the time.

9 thoughts on “Made a Ster

  1. MaryB

    Please give him a hug from me . His baby photos are delightful and he’s still a very handsome chap. Wonder what he’d think of his little namesake?. We used to find the fleece from our wethers was really fine and soft and a pleasure to work with.

  2. Rebecca A Final

    I do think that Ster is your handsomest boy (sorry I know you have a huge soft spot for Lambie, but Ster is just HANDSOME. Enjoyed the baby pics

  3. Gabriella

    I do love all your pets, but all the lambs and especially Ster have a special place in my heart, not sure why. Thank you for sharing those insanely cute pics!


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