Never Going to be Show Ponies

Looking at this lot today, I can honestly say they are never going to be show ponies.

This is mostly because I can’t be arsed to go through all the palaver of getting them show-ready – I mean, where would you begin with Waffle?  Bung him in the shower?

And partly because I know they would hate the whole show-ring thing.  This is not their world.

There is a certain type of pony that loves it and my lot are not that.  They are naturally muddy, wet bog-monsters

And Silver is actually white in colour rather than this rather unfetching mud-infused hue he is trying (and succeeding) with.

So that’s our show career over and done with in just one small discussion plus a few photos that have managed to totally talk me out of it.

And you have to get up really, really early!

4 thoughts on “Never Going to be Show Ponies

  1. Sam

    Smart choice to not do a horse show. I go to dog shows with my BFF, but her breed (Spanish Water Dogs) go late am in the ring. Otherwise I’d stay home.

  2. M in NC

    You could always take Newt and see how long it takes to get pointed toward the exit?
    He needs to see how much work world domination is, outside of his known associates.

    Sorry: been one of those mondays.
    M in NC


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