No More the Greasy Muppet

And so to Scalloway for Ted’s four-times-a-year hair-cut because he is part Yorkie and part Schnauzer and so he tends towards the greasy Muppet look, which I hate.

See what I mean?   I left him at the dog groomers for 2 hours and went shopping in Lerwick to pass the time.

First I did a quick swoop round Tesco’s buying all the things OH never buys because I always forget to put them on the list.

Then I popped into Jamieson’s Knitwear on the street.

I wanted to measure my original sign as I am trying to replace it with a more up-to-date sheep-themed version.  It’s currently work-in-progress.

Then onward to buy serious electric fencing stuff to use on the Minion track system and I drove back to Scalloway for Ted.

I waited patiently in the dog groomer’s reception area while Ted’s beautiful haircut was finished by Sharon, who said he wasn’t too badly behaved, which was kind.  He can be awful.  We both know this.

And then Ted and I drove home with Ted sitting quietly next to all my electric fence stuff in the back.

Ted had missed his supper, which he was very much aware and told me all about so it had been set aside for him.

I also bought Ted a squeaky toy in Tesco’s to make up for his ordeal and the squeaker lasted exactly 10 seconds long and there is stuffing everywhere.

And Ted’s not sorry!

Funnily enough, Pepper is all over the place when Ted’s away being made beautiful.  She doesn’t like her friend not being there.

3 thoughts on “No More the Greasy Muppet

  1. Sam

    Ted’s after picture is pretty. How nice that he & Pepper are fast friends so that Pepper missing him in the house.


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