Lyra and Daisy, yada, yada

Daisy is due to go away on Friday (boo, hiss), back to St Snotters for her last semester and her final exam.  She has been invaluable to us all these past few weeks, especially to me, and she wanted to see Lyra Lyra Pants-on-Fyra before she went.

Lyra, who only loves Daisy, was of course thrilled to see her.

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While they were having their hug-in, I went for a wander around the rest of the field.  Vitamin never took her eyes off her beloved daughter all the time.


Vitamin approves of Lyra’s relationship with Daisy but she is still very attached to her much-wanted baby.


Delia has wintered much better than we expected.  She remains a bit saggy but that is her age, more than anything.  She was pleased to see me and I gave her a scratch and a kiss.


Back to Daisy and Lyra.  Daisy will tell you she is not a huge mare/filly fan but Lyra is very special to her.  This is a relationship Lyra has with no one else.  Daisy is her everything and always has been since she was a little foal.

BN2A4257  BN2A4279  BN2A4320

BeAnne does not like any attention taken away from herself.  She is always the Queen Bee but even she can see that she cannot take on Lyra in Daisy’s affections.


It is just always Lyra and Daisy.  That’s the way it goes.


For those of you who are interested, Lyra is half Berry and half Wells bloodlines.  She is Indy’s half sister.

6 thoughts on “Lyra and Daisy, yada, yada

  1. Linda

    Two mothers watching their girls having a get-together; how sweet!
    And what, may I ask, is wrong with a little sagging as one gets older? 😉

  2. pat

    Has Daisy started looking for a position after her graduation? What sort of job is she seeking? Any chance of finding something near home?

    And yeah, what Linda said…what’s wrong with a little sagging? Not, of course, that I have any sagging…my height shrinkage just hasn’t caught up with my boobs and butt yet. It’ll all even out someday (and I’ll be three feet tall!)

    Any updates on your neighbor’s mare? And what is her name, anyway?


    1. Frances Post author

      Daisy has worked incredibly hard since Primary School – straight A’s all the way – so she is having a year off to do whatever she wants – see the world and get an idea of what is out there on offer and what she might like to do.

      Any ideas welcome.

  3. Sam

    We may think we pick the animal but the truth is that the animal picks us. LOVE the Daisy & Lyra pictures.
    Saggy is fine!

  4. Roberta Earley

    Love seeing the interaction between them. Also adore hairy Shetlands, out here they seem to hide them away at that stage of the year. Last years winter woolies comp and I swear some of those poor wee ones still had their summers, while my pair looked like hairy mammoths the way nature intended.


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