Go Tiddles!

A lovely sunny afternoon means Spring is in the air and The Minions want to play.

I was just popping into the house, from the indoor school, when I noticed Waffle’s little bunched up bottom while chasing Silver up and down a flat field they had escaped under the fence to.  They were having a lovely time and there was much giggling.


Meanwhile, in the next door field (these two had been good little boys), surprise of surprises, Tiddles was playing with Storm.


He was chasing him and trying to get him to play with him.  I have never seen Tiddles do this before.


He has always been such a serious little foal who never laughed at anything, just determinedly staying out of the way of everyone.


So this is a first for little Tids.


At last he has found someone to play with.  I trust Storm not to be too rough.  He hates really rough games himself.


Tomorrow is another nice day, and slightly warmer, so I will take their rugs off and I hope they play some more.


At last Tiddles is coming out of his shell and it has taken quite a while.


I think we are going to see his character grow and grow now.


Spring is most definitely in the air and I saw my first wild primrose too.

5 thoughts on “Go Tiddles!

  1. Sam

    A loving home, a warm rug, yummy food and same sized friends = A Happy Tiddles!
    Lovely to see him romping around. Good job, Frances!


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