I Am Exhausted

Today I am tired.  Very tired. I think all the excitement of last week has finally caught up with me and I can barely muster any enthusiasm let alone keep my eyes open.


The boys came up from their field to finish off the bale. They didn’t need asking twice.


I think it is our last sunny day for a while so they might as well make a clean plate and Jo, very kindly, delivered another one.  Her horses have given up eating it but my lot are still very enthusiastic.


The little boys are very happy mixing with the big boys.  No one minds and they squeeze in to help themselves to all the food.

BN2A4386 BN2A4367   BN2A4361

Storm and Tiddles are inseparable and spend every hour together.  They are delightful little boys and I spend hours telling them ho


So I spent the afternoon having a rest with BeAnne and went to sleep.  I need to get my strength back.  There is so much to do now that Spring has finally made an appearance.


4 thoughts on “I Am Exhausted

  1. Linda K

    Lovely pics. I especially like the one of Haakon having a rest in the sunshine. I hope his feet are better.
    And I hope your batteries are re-charged soon.

  2. Sam

    Can’t imagine why you are exhausted? Loving that fact your spring has sprung, not so in North Eastern USA.
    Love the furry bottoms!


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