Lateral Lessons

Lateral work is the foundation for everything equestrian.  Last week, Hamish Cameron came up from the mainland to teach.

I booked three one-hour training sessions for Daisy, Anna and me.

We all had specific needs and rode different horses and Hamish gave us very different lessons.

Daisy went first on Kappi, Bjørn’s horse.

Hamish liked Kappi very much.  He was very impressed with his movement and Daisy’s way of riding him.


Meanwhile, the “creepy neighbour” watched.


Next up was Anna on Daisy’s Iacs.  She had him going very nicely and Hamish was a huge help to them both.

BN2A8330 BN2A8335 BN2A8336

Lastly, there was me on Klængur.  I asked for help with bending and relaxing (both him and me).  Hamish addressed all our problems and I really felt that Klængur had achieved great things (by our standards) and we  had much to practice in the future.

BN2A8441 BN2A8446 BN2A8469

I love riding lessons.  I will never stop having them and never think I don’t need one if anyone offers.  As long they understand my horse and me (wonky feet with little or no feeling), then we will get on fine.

Hamish did exactly that.


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