Lovely Sheeps

Yesterday was lovely so, while I was waiting for my flute duet partner to arrive for our regular Saturday afternoon practice/play/recital, I sat down on the ground to see who wanted to talk.  First up was of course ‘Ster who just wanted me to hug him forever, then Lambie mooched around while ‘Bert sat down next to me. Edna quietly snuck up last.  Maggie and Harrel were stuck in another field being stupid about the gate. Madge was watching from safe distance.  We were having “A Moment”.

When my flute friend arrived, she took this photo.

After the traditional lunch of soup, bread and cheese, we went to my shed to play.

And Lambie turned up to listen.

As did the rest of the audience.  Edna and Madge were round the corner. Harrel and Maggie had finally worked out the troublesome gate problem.

I wedged the door with a kilner jar as it kept bashing against Lambie and then he would stand up to complain.

But Lambie wouldn’t, under any circumstances, let Harrel inside.  Oh no.  Hell would freeze over first.  Lambie went to sleep while we flutled away and the odd thing is that neither of us thought is was weird playing Haydn/Mozart/Berbiguier et al (good old Baroque flute duets) to seven sheep who were actually listening!  This is what we do on a Saturday afternoon.  Move along please, nothing to see here.

After a couple of hours with the door open and freezing while we played, having exhausted our embouchure, we decided to go back to the house.  Lambie was also booted out too before he pee’ed.  A Muzzah knows the signs.

Anyway, this is my idea of a perfect afternoon.

4 thoughts on “Lovely Sheeps

  1. Linda

    Well, I love everything about this post! What treat to be surrounded by your wooly friends, then have a friend come over, share lunch, and play music together – to a group of appreciative sheep no less…


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