Starting Klængur

Lovely blue sky and barely any wind (by our standards) so after the morning chores, I tacked up Klængur and we went for a walk.

I want to start riding Klængur again but, as he has had nearly 9 months off work due to injury, I want to take it slowly.

Klængur is a spooky horse at the best of times. He needed to see that nothing much had changed and it was just him and me.

We have both had a long time away from each other, riding-wise and we don’t have Daisy around – any riding we manage will mostly be on our own.

Re-establishing our relationship is therefore very important.

Today was the perfect day to start.

I deliberately didn’t take my riding hat as I didn’t want to be tempted to “hop on”.

Klængur behaved perfectly.

He listened to my endless ramble about stuff and we walked together a couple of miles along the road.

I let him look at anything new and we chatted about it.

So, hopefully, when I finally clamber on board, Klængur will just take everything in his stride.

We had a lovely time together.  I am not going to do much before I travel south as I don’t want any surprise dismounts.  Still, all training is good training.

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