Working with Dreki

Another lovely day so I asked Floss to lead Klængur, while I led Dreki and we went for a walk.

I wanted to teach Dreki that life was just as fun without his best friend, Efstur, and there was a big, big world out there ready for us to explore.

Dreki was more than happy to leave his friend, who stood by the fence screaming like a stuck pig.  He pretended he didn’t know him.  We all agreed this was probably the best tack to take.  Efstur who?

I let Dreki look at everything.

Klængur was a good companion too.

Nothing worried Dreki. He took it all in his stride.

He looked, he thought, he moved on.

Dreki is a dear boy.  I have been lungeing him these past few days so it was nice to get out and about and change the scenery.

I also had a pocket full of barley rings, which everyone adored.

They were given as occasional rewards for everyone’s exemplary behaviour. We met a van (not a flicker) and a car stopped to ask for directions (again, Dreki stood like a good boy).

Oh yes, and Floss had carrots!

So all the scary things were duly noted.

Or sniffed.

And off we would go again.

Meanwhile the stuck pig was now hysterical having had to wait for his bestie to come home.

I think Efstur was resentful that Dreki was the one having the adventures today.

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