Run Runaway!

Wednesday morning at five o’clock as the day begins
Silently closing his bedroom door
Leaving the note that he hoped would say more
He goes downstairs to the kitchen clutching his hankerchief
Quietly turning the backdoor key
Stepping outside he is free ……

Ok, so it didn’t happen quite like that.  OH came back from Lerwick and, while he was opening the gate to drive the car through, Storm nipped out and unhelpfully trotted away with a hint of a giggle and a silly-billy buck.


OH came into the house in rather a flap saying Storm was free and on the hill.  My reply was “Just leave him.  He’ll come home”.


Only, of course, being Storm he did not come home.  He stayed on the hill happily eating and enjoying his new environment.


So I went out to chivvy him back in and he sulkily went, grumbling all the way.  I heard snatches of words like “big boy now”, “free spirit” and “no one understands me” but I ignored them and said Tiddles was missing him.


Once inside the perimeter fence of his jail (obviously), Storm stood and pined for the fjords.  Not that he knows what a fjord is but he thought he should pine anyway.


He also made sure I knew just how cruel I was, as his jailer, but Tiddles was very happy to resume his role of Storm’s devoted disciple.


Luckily, Storm managed to perk up when he remembered there was a rather tasty haynet hung on the shed door with his name on it and maybe life here was not that bad after all.


I must get him a red and white spotty hanky and tie it to a stick.  He should have the right uniform for the next time!

8 thoughts on “Run Runaway!

  1. Terri

    We all need to be alone now and then. (written as i wipe the tears of laughter away…) Look on the bright side: at least he’s not languishing!

  2. Roberta Earley

    that was a good giggle……maybe next time put his suitcase outside the gate…………..funny how the other side always looks better.

  3. Sa

    Be careful with that hankie – you may have TWO runaways! Thanks for the chuckle as Connecticut just had it’s 6th Monday in a row with snow. Urgh….


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