Little Snow Boys

I have not strayed far from home as I am still not feeling very strong, but I did remember we have two little Shetland ponies somewhere around the premises.

It took a while to find them.

They popped their heads up when I shouted (I think Newt must’ve been standing on a hill as he, for once, appears to be the same height as Albie).

During the day, their stable door is shut otherwise the little boys would just hang out in there and never move.  Every morning they are evicted and so have found a new place to live – that would be behind a large drystone wall.

They climbed over it to chat.

Albie, particularly, wants a chat and a hug.  He will always be my little boy.  Albie is very special to us.s

Don’t get me wrong, Newt is a sweetie, but he is not little Albie.  Newt is strong. Newt likes people but he doesn’t need them.

Albie is not strong.  He needs his Mum.  He always has since he came to us as an orphan.  He hasn’t changed just grown bigger.  Still my little Albie.  He adores us and we adore him.


4 thoughts on “Little Snow Boys

  1. Sam

    What’s not to love about Albie? Cuddles are always welcome. I do have to admit I still want to read “Newt’s Overly Large Book of Revenge, real or otherwise imagined”. His larger than real life size is intriguing.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Such beautiful little horses. How lucky and blessed you are, Frances, to have these two amongst your family.


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