Snow Melting

In our little micro-climate, it seems we are the only property that is still sitting in snow.  We are an island.  Everywhere else is melting fast except, of course, us.

The snow is staying on the west-north-west facing hills  – OH have just spent a good 10 minutes discussing where north is, like you do.

Anywho, the horses are fed twice on days like these.  Based on last night’s revolting forecast of freezing rain, they spent the night inside.   The ones at Leradale have far more shelter and food so were fine.  Apparently there is no snow there either.

Piles of silage are distributed everywhere, including in my house, car, wellies and possibly knickers!

For the next few days, Iacs and Haakon are back with the herd.  They came over last night.

So, that’s us.  Still in snow while the rest of the world has none.

Roll on the thaw and Spring impending arrival.  I am bored of this now.

13 thoughts on “Snow Melting

  1. Sam

    So here in Connecticut we having a Nor-Easter with snow. Or so they say. No snow yet but they keep saying 8″ – 14″ before midnight. Like you, I am utterly bored with winter. Bring on the snowdrops!

  2. Cathleen

    Don’t feel isolated and persecuted, we’ve still got lots of snow in West Linton in the Scottish Borders! Even our hardy Icelandics are fed up with it, but not as much as their loving owners. Now they are forecasting freezing tonight, so the slushy stuff will be icerinks. Sympathy to you! Spring must come soon, please.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Having never lived in snow, nor skied much, I can only say as an outsider that it is beautiful! However, I know it doesn’t always look that way once on the ground and it’s a terrible problem if you’ve got to get outside and do work (the “herd” thanks you all I’m sure).

    Had no idea of the micro-climates on the Shetlands. That’s quite amazing actually, as I know of no place at least here in California where it’s like that. We do have micro-climates, but they a minor (way minor) in. comparison. Plan a visit so we can show you!

    Feel better!

  4. Eva

    There’s still snow in our corner of Derbyshire, although most of the indoor snow has melted! Roll on summer…

  5. Lisa

    We have 8-12″ of snow coming just tonite and more snow tomorrow for a potential total of 19″ here in Central Maine!

  6. Carina

    I live in Stockholm, Sweden. We had no snow all through november and december, just endless rain and mud. Thats our darkest months too so it was quite depressing. Christmas without snow )=. Now for the last month we finally had snow and now we have lots. it won´t stop snowing. I love it! It really lights up the world and the horses are so much happier. Further north in Sweden they have had vast amounts of snow all winter. There is a fb-post circulating about moose going in to the horses to eat the hay, they probably can´t find food through the snow. About 30 mooses they had in there, eating next to the horses. They even lowered their fences so the moose wouldn´t break them all the time getting in. It has never happened before, it must be rough for them out there this winter. The woman with the horses doesnt mind sharing she says, she has plenty of hay. Just a little story from the other side of the Nothern sea. Thought maybe it could cheer you up a little bit. Hope you feel better. Spring is around the corner, I´m sure

    1. Frances Post author

      Oh wow! That’s fascinating. Thank you for sharing (love all things Sami – I have my bracelet)

  7. Shelley

    I have a pathetic little clump of snowdrops – I envy yours!! Boston was supposed to get only rain from last night’s storm but woke up to a fairy land of covered trees and shrubs!


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