My Snow Angel

Apparently we have a micro-climate around Thordale.  Only us.  We are sitting in snow.  Nowhere else is according to my OH, who made a break for the shops today in town.

Anywho, there is one little person who loves the snow very much and, as I was pottering about with my camera outside, taking it gently, I promise, I took some photos of her.

As well as swimming and digging, snow is BeAnne’s thing.

It makes her smile.

She plays.

She bounces.

She runs.

She never gets cold.

I luffs watching my little girl in the snow.  She is a snow-hund.

Update on The Cough – I went to the doctor and he gave me a steroid inhaler which should calm it down.

6 thoughts on “My Snow Angel

  1. Sam

    Micro climates are such weird things! And it is so amusing to see how dogs react to snow. Glad BeAnne got a chance to bounce around.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Pleased you’re well enough to enjoy a bit of fresh air, Frances. BeAnne looks very happy to be out. My Patterdale loves the snow, too, but she flings herself to the ground and rolls and rolls.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Brave of you to go to the doctor – hopefully the cough will be made to run away. Rest and watch the beautiful snow – Thordale is simply a magical place to be that’s all.

  4. Darby

    BeAnne is just adorable playing the in snow. so happy to see her so happy and full of life. hope you will be back to yourself soon, and that the snow goes away and the flowers bloom!


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