Little Missy

Weather-permitting, I spend some of my afternoon with Little Missy short for Miss-Chievous today.  She loves trying to eat anything she can.

Today it was my boot loop.

and then she moved onto my coat, plus the labels.

Everything was tested for edibility.

Having exhausted my wardrobe, she plopped herself down, just like her Mum always does.

(Edna on the day we rescued her off the hill – January 31st 2020.)

I felt like a modern day Medieval Knight on his tomb!

Missy is such a happy little lamb.

She has the loveliest eyelashes too.

And she smiles.  I luffs the smiling.

Of course, I am smitten.  Dammit.  I am.




4 thoughts on “Little Missy

  1. Cathy

    There would something seriously wrong with anyone who failed to be smitten by those lovely eyes and that beautiful smile.

    Cuddle time is important, who cares about an immaculate wardrobe?

  2. Kerry

    Oh I remember the serendipity of that day: our first outing after arriving at our new home., wondering when we’d meet up with you all, and then screaming at His Nibs to stop necause there you all were.

    What a difference 3.5 months make – those sheeples look proper healthy ewes and as for Missy…what a wonderful reward for you stopping and caring for her Mum and Big Sis

    Big woolly hugs to you all


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