Handsome Princes

These two make a lovely couple – Efstur and Dreki – half brothers.  They share the same mother – Brá frá Reykjavík.

Efstur’s father is Álfur frá Selfossi.  We remain ever optimistic.

As does Efstur!  He is such a sweetie and enjoying his training very much. Always up first, always volunteering.

Meanwhile Dreki Dragon has to wait another year before we look at him with a view to training. Like cheese, he needs to mature.

Dreki’s father is Taktur. I can only hope.

Anway, the little black dragon is busy learning from Efstur that if you hang around looking hopeful…

…. someone is bound to turn up with a carrot.

Dear boys.  It is always good to see them.  They brighten a dull day.

2 thoughts on “Handsome Princes

  1. Lisa

    WOW! That Álfur has some SERIOUS overstride! Tennessee Walking Horses are quite similar. With that length of overstride, are there ever any problems with the back hooves “clicking” the front hooves? One of my Walkers has the farrier out every 3 weeks for a trim as his overstride is so great that he taps his front hooves with his hind as he walks along!


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