Sóley the Unhelpful Foalie

Sóley has a new name name now.  No longer Sóley-the-Foalie.  Henceforth, she will be known as Sóley-the-Unhelpful-Foalie.

Everyone was moved in the horse van from Leradale to their summer fields.

Everyone loaded beautifully.  Everyone except Sóley who refused point blank to ever walk up the ramp she has walked up before.  Half an hour later, she went in but it was not easy or pretty.  So none of us are talking to Brattage and all of us feel like we’ve been through the wringer.  We will be working on this speshul skill as I don’t want to see that behaviour again.

(I am putting up this photo to remind myself that Sóley does indeed know how to load)

Anywho, this afternoon I sat in the field recovering.

I had my two little “lambs”.

I feel a whole lot better now.

Lambie: Who is your little Lamb Muzzah?  Just who!


3 thoughts on “Sóley the Unhelpful Foalie

  1. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Lambies expression says it all. Some envy “green” in that face somewhere. ?
    Always hard when a new sib enters the picture.

  2. M in NC

    Which poor pony/ponies had to wait while Soley pretended she did not know how to load?
    Hopefully someone gave her a good talking to.

    M in NC

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Soley may be a pain, but the two “Lambie’s” are even better! Little and I was going to say “mature” but that won’t work, will it. Anyway, enjoy them.


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