Normal Service Resumed

After the diet to break all diets, I am now on a diet!

L1010740 L1010741

My London/Bermudian friends have gone, I miss them desperately and life is boringly quickly going back to normal.

L1010747 L1010746

We had the best time and I loved showing Bermuda and Frizz My Shetland.  I have never laughed so much and we just went on from where we left off all those years ago at our posh boarding school.


Having them to stay here in Shetland was the tonic I needed to kick me up the arse, show me the way to recovery and to remember I always have friends out there (even if it is a long while since I last saw them).  Thank the Gods for Skype.


Anywho, our newbie, Anna seems to have settled in easily.  Instantly one of us.


This morning, I set her the task of cleaning up some of the horses of their winter fur which needed to be brushed out.


Bless her, Anna is a hard worker.  We like this and she understands BeAnne’s little ways too.  As I said, one of us!


Jo popped round in the afternoon and they both went out for a ride.  Haakon had lost a shoe so Jo rode Klængur while Anna rode Iacs.  We will try her out on Haakon tomorrow.


Trying hard not be jealous, I pottered around the garden, playing with my camera and then I went to bed for the rest of the afternoon to sleep.  I seem to have lapsed back again into resting and recuperation.

L1010797  L1010795 L1010793  L1010790

The boys are happy.  Iacs has a new little friend, Bozz-Bozz, and their relationship consists of Iacs just hanging on and generally chewing him to death.

L1010774L1010771 L1010772

Bozz-Bozz doesn’t mind a bit.  It is very sweet to watch and they think it is great sport.

L1010773 L1010764

Daisy wil be home shortly and then she can have her sillly-frilly back. I can’t wait.  SEP = Someone Else’s Problem.





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