It is Time

While Floss and I have been out feeding and lugging water to the Minions et al, etc, Daisy decided to start work with Dreki.  It is time.  He is 4 years old this June and has a mature head on his shoulders as well as being built like a brick out-house.

She tells me that Dreki is learning to lunge in walk (so far) and worn a saddle but no stirrups (with girth done up, and everyfink). While he is more than happy to leave the herd and come into the school by himself, Efstur, shouts his head off telling his best friend (and half bruvver!) to come back!  He leads nicely and has good manners. He lifts up each hoof for picking out without drama.  Little things but all essential and all done in a happy calm manner.  So far, Dreki is very interested in everything and seems unflustered.  We set him up to succeed at every stage ending on a good note.  He is a dear boy.

(*** sniff *** I am having a proud Mum moment)

My little dragon is all growed up.


3 thoughts on “It is Time

  1. diane in northern wis

    I have always loved your little dragon! He is a beauty. It will be fun to watch him progress with Daisy!


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