Let the Little Ones Out

I took rugs off and let the little ones out of their field today.

They are particularly fed up with endless mud and it is not really drying up in their field.  It seems to be much wetter in their field while the others can get to dryer ground if they want.  Poor little Newt was losing the will to walk over to his bowl of food, which is always a dangerous sign.

I could see that it was really getting him down.  The minute their gate was opened, they all came out and cheered up instantly.

So now I have three little ponies around the outside of the house, with the sheep, which is fine and I nip out every so often for hugging.  I could actually spend the whole day hugging these two little chaps.

Of course, they all discovered the sheep paddock and I opened Lambie’s best bedroom (wifi and radio) door as they are too big to go in via the lamb-flap.

I left them all piling in to investigate.

And a few moments later, I came back to find they had made themselves at home.

Zzzzzz…… sleepy bye-byes and happier little ponies.  I don’t blame them.  The mud is very depressing.

3 thoughts on “Let the Little Ones Out

  1. Linda

    Ahhh…sunshine on a (jacketless) back – what bliss, eh?

    Newt is just such a cutie pie (they’re all cutie pies, but especially in that 2nd photo of him). I’m not at all surprised about all the hugs!


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