Making Himself Known

The girls (Daisy and Flossie) brought their and my horses in to tack up. We were going to go out on a ride.

They were followed by a little somebody.  A little skewbald midge.  A Mini Minion, no less.

First of all, Albie marched up to Kappi and introduced himself.

“Hello, my name is Albie and Mummy says I am very speshul”.

Luckily having been living with other ponies all his life, Albie speaks fluent small pony.  He licked and chewed like a foal and Kappi thought he was fascinating.  There was not a horrid word exchanged.

When I took on Albie last spring, I was determined, just because he was an orphan, that he was most importantly a pony, spoke fluent pony and didn’t rely on humans.  Tor taught him well.

And I totally hand it to Kappi who did nothing to Albie while he was having his girth done up.  Absolutely nothing.  Kappi just stood there with a small Klingon attachment sniffing his bum.  It is a very kind, and possibly rare, horse who lets that happen.  Kappi had never met Albie before.

The next short straw was Klængur’s.  Albie made a bee-line and, I think, recognised him.

Klængur has already, if briefly, spent time with Albie in the autumn, last year.

Soon they will all be together.  Once the grass really starts growing.  I think they will get along fine.

My money is on Newt!  Him and Haakon – they will possibly rule the world.

2 thoughts on “Making Himself Known

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Even though I knew he was tiny, I didn’t appreciate how tiny until he stood next to the big boys! There’s no doubt Albie is extra special!!

  2. Susan

    What beautiful manners all your horses have, Albie behaved impeccably introducing himself to Kappi and yes of course he is speshul, all your animals are.


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