Let Christmas Begin

Daisy is home.  Christmas can start now in our house.  Although Floss has been home for over a week, we have not decorated anything or thought any Christmassy thoughts until today.


But Christmas is not Christmas without going for a ride first so we caught our horses and tacked them up.  Daisy reminded me that she last rode in August.  Mr Bimble was very pleased to see her.


It was not looking good outside so Daisy started by riding Iacs in the indoor school.


I took a few photos of Klaengur and Taktur while she was riding in the school.

BN2A6775 BN2A6778

Then the weather cleared and we went out.  I rode the newly shod Haakon and he was a gentleman, never even bothering to canter, just staying in walk, which was very generous of him considering.  Everyone was very unfit, fat and puffing but we had a good time.


As we reached home, the weather descended again and we put the horses out in their field.  We were lucky.


This afternoon we decorated the tree.  I wonder if this is Loki’s first family Christmas.  What was happening to him this time last year?  We will never know.


I love having our Christmas tree up.  So many memories in all the decorations, especially the ones made by Daisy and Flossie.


Next it is Iacs’ turn to be decorated!

2 thoughts on “Let Christmas Begin

  1. Karen

    Yay! Welcome home Daisy and Happy Christmas to you all. I know what it feels like to have them all back…my youngest came back from Uni in York today, yet his sister has been back from her Uni for 10 days.

  2. Cate

    You look so happy up there, Frances! I know what you mean about Christmas not starting till all the family is home—we have a bit longer to wait chez nous…. And I love your tree, a proper Christmas tree, decorated with the memories and joys of happy Christmases past. Merry Christmas to you and all your family and friends in cold windy Shetland all from a very cold and snowy Newfoundland. 😀


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