Ugh – It Shat Down!

Question:  What do you do when you have been out all night in 70 mph winds with torrential rain?

Answer:  You lie down and have a kip with your friends in a small dip in the field, leaving one on watch.


I could hear the wind and rain all night and lay awake worrying for my animals, my sheds, my roof, like you do.  Everything was fine, though.  Just my imagination running riot at 03.00.


A bad start this morning.  OH discovered the car had a flat tyre on the way to Lerwick. He had to drive it home as he couldn’t get it off.  This resulted with me searching forum-land to find out how as it would not budge.  I think he used BFI (brute force and ignorance) eventually, hitting it a pisser with the fencing maul and WD40.

So it fell on me to take the dogs for their walk.  We went in what we thought was a lull but quickly discovered we would be lucky to get home dry.


Having reached Watsness gate, the heavens opened and it shat down with sleet, hail, rain and a driving wind.  Loki turned tail and ran all the way home refusing to wait while BeAnne generously stayed with me.  Luckily I was wearing my survival suit – the obvious choice for this kind of weather.


I was never more pleased to get home.


Daisy is coming home tonight and tomorrow is meant to be a better day. I am determined to ride my horse.  Every time I have looked at him these past few days, he has been fast asleep and I don’t think it is fair when he is obviously knackered from this exhausting weather.  We are all beginning to suffer a bit from sleepless nights at the moment.


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