Lerwick then Ponies

We needed to go to Lerwick today.  Daisy was my chauffeur.

I limped around with my camera.

(can you see the cat on the street?)

It was lovely to see the street looking so busy.

There were two enormous cruise ships berthed in Lerwick harbour and everyone appeared to have disembarked to enjoy the sights of the town.

As well as the cruise ships, there were some beautiful boats in.  I was very drawn to Albertine, a superbly restored Norwegian wooden boat built in 1939 and had a chat with her owner.  I tried to sound like someone who knew a little about boats.  I hope I was convincing.

Two dive boats, MV Valkyrie and MV Valhalla, were over from Orkney.

Plus many other visiting boats.

It was like being in the Mediterranean!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, everyone is fine and pleased to see us.

Daisy and I briefly popped by for our daily check-up.

We couldn’t stay long because we were due at work packing veg for Transition Turrifield.

I felt bad. I haven’t seen my little ones for a while but I will go back and sit with them another day.  It is a bit difficult because I can’t drive now.

I think they have many visitors as they were hanging around the gate looking hopeful at any passing traffic!

4 thoughts on “Lerwick then Ponies

  1. Sam

    What a lovely harbor. Must be nice to know the Minions really miss Mum (and her carrots and kisses).
    Hoping the doctor can figure things out for you. The Maine Coons send loud purrs across the pond.

  2. Linda Kirk

    I’d like a cruise on Albertine – my kind of boat. Hope you get your back sorted out. I can’t imagine anything worse than being in constant pain, it must make you so weary. Perhaps some G&Ts might help, temporarily anyway.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Where are the ponies these pictures? It feels like we went by an area like this last year, but can’t actually tell. Don’t think we saw any ponies either.

  4. Terri

    Thank you for taking the time to post today (and also to volunteer!), in spite of your condition. I love seeing Lerwick and the boats/ships. And of course I saw the cat right away! Hope the doctor can give you some real help tomorrow. Healing vibes from Oregon! xx


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