Going Off My Legs Again

Things are not good. I can barely walk now.

I am climbing the walls with pain when I lie down, my left leg feels like it has been encased in mud and when I walk, then suddenly it all threatens to give way and I can’t move which is very scary.

I have a Doctor’s appointment on Friday to discuss this. I don’t know what to do.  Worsened spinal stenosis, I think.

Anywho, enough of me.  I am beginning to bore myself.

Meanwhile, Miss BeAnne is happy.

She is playing a lot which is lovely to see.

I found a secret stash of her squeaky bally balls which have all her attention.  She is back to eating properly and lying through her teeth so everyone feeds her something.  Seven gravy bones today and counting!

Sorry, crap blog.


22 thoughts on “Going Off My Legs Again

  1. janet

    Frances ..Wishing you all the best for Friday…and glad to see her Ladyship is feeling more like her old self..-

  2. Sam

    Chronic pain allows for a crappy blog. So very happy BeAnne has come around, even if she is lying to one and all about her “starvation”. Hope the doctor can figure things out.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    So sorry that the injection last week hasn’t been a miracle cure. I do hope the medics can do something for you. What bird is it in the first few pictures please?

  4. Linda Kirk

    I’m sorry you’re in so much pain and hope you have some relief soon.

    Is that a Thrush in your garden?

  5. Terri

    So very sorry. You sound miserable. Can’t your doctor fit you in tomorrow? Friday sounds like an eternity away! At least BeAnne is eating and playing again — that’s a bit of good news. Take care….

  6. Nicki

    Sorry to hear you’re in so much pain. Hopefully they can get you sorted sooner rather than later. Get well soon wishes winging there way up to you. Great to see Beanne feeling better XX

  7. Robyn

    You are amazing, Frances! No matter how awful you feel you still manage to write your blog. I join with everyone in wishing you a speedy recovery and a helpful doctor’s visit. Sending you much love from “The Land Down Under” xx

  8. Margaret Robinson

    It wasn’t “crap” anything – short, but to the point. Great photos and glad BeAnne is back to being Queen! You just take care of yourself and as I’ve said previously – without you up and around at the helm, nothing is the same. Do whatever you think is necessary (and perhaps what the doctor has suggested) and get things started to a better you!


  9. Darby

    Echoing everyone else expressing displeasure with your pain. I hope you have an answer very soon. But it is good to BeAnne doing better.

  10. diane in northern wis

    Gosh Frances, sure hope your Docs can figure out what’s going on with you and your back and legs, etc. It sounds just awful. I had back surgery some years back so I know what you mean about pain. I pray you won’t have to have surgery, but that they can find a solution for you. I always enjoy your blog, no matter what, I’m just sorry you’re having to go thru all the pain.

  11. Louise Stopford

    Sending “get well – speedy recovery” wishes to you. Hope your doctor can help. Pain drags you down so much and you must feel SO frustrated. Thanks for the blog – like someone said, it’s real life, not crap at all. Hope you get sorted soon.

  12. annie vanderven

    So sorry to hear you are not well. Pain is hard to cope with hopefully you will get some relief on Friday

  13. Linda

    No, not a “crap blog” at all. I think I can speak for a few others when I say I feel like you’re a friend, and so I’m willing to hear about the bad stuff as well as the good.
    (I have a friend with Spinal Stenosis, and she’s got a “pain doctor” that she sees. He specializes in chronic pain; perhaps there’s someone like that you could see?)
    In the meantime, sending healing thoughts…

    P.S. So glad to see BeAnn’s complete recovery. 🙂


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