All I am Good For

At the moment, all I am good for now is walking.

I am determined to keep walking for as long as I can and for as much as I can and if anyone wants to come along, then off we go!

Today’s walking buddies were BeAnne….

Lambie and ‘Ster (‘Bert is with his lady-friends – he appears occasionally and then returns to them)…..

And Haakon, my 24 year old Icelandic horse.

We all set off together but it was early stages.

Lambie and ‘Ster were quickly diverted by the charms of the hill sheep and vanished. They will probably come home tomorrow looking for their breakfast.

We left them to their friends and continued onwards.

On the home track no one needs a lead.

But once on the road, then everyone’s safety is paramount.

Haakon wanted occasional food breaks.

But mostly we all walked nicely together.

Haakon stopped to look at the locals.

And we had one moment when it all went a bit wrong.

But we trundled along as a happy little team.

On the way home, there was another rather determined snack stop.

Walking with Haakon is always easy.  Since he was a youngster, when I led him, he has always gently touched my hand with his nose every so often just to tell me he is there.  It is very sweet and good to know.

10 thoughts on “All I am Good For

  1. Jan Knight

    Well done Frances at least you are determined to walk, and I do sympathise with how you are feeling.
    Seeing the spinal surgeon will be good too as he/she can perhaps do a bit of “re construction” for you. I had the bottom of my spine done a few years ago, still not 100 Percent but better than it was. Take care

  2. Sam

    You are upright and mobile so that is good. And you have such nice walking buddies, even if they read the map wrong in that one picture. Haakon is a true gentleman with the nosey touches. The Bozenberries are funny toddling off to chase women.

  3. louise whyte

    I have a bad knee but at least can still get on Buddy and it doesn’t hurt when I ride. My challenge will be trotting him up in a show class this weekend as I can’t run! Walking is still possible, though not helped by an over exuberant poodle pulling and hurting my knee again. Stepping backwards off the steps I have at the muck trailer and pulling my knee again – just as it was getting better – didn’t help…

  4. Margaret Robinson

    Here’s something you can answer standing upright —- about how many cars are on the road where you walked with BeAnne and Haakon?

    At least you’re going to have alternatives after speaking with the surgeon. Anyone going with you? Sometimes (though not always) it helps to have someone who is an observer of the pain, ask questions you’d not thought of asking.


    1. Frances Post author

      Surgeon is in Aberdeen. Unless, I can’t walk, I will go on my own.

      I don’t think we saw any cars!

  5. Linda

    What excellent walking companions you have (and even the best of us get turned around once in awhile, right?)

    Walking has always helped my back – I distinctly remember my physical therapist saying “keep moving”…


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