Pictures From My Day

Her Maj was fast a-bye-byes in the shavings, where the horses are usually tied up indoors.

Monster patiently waited behind the door of our indoor school to “get her”.  That is not kindness and generousity in his eyes. That is plotting and scheming at its very worst, or best, depending on your perspective.

My flock of sheep being actual sheep in an actual field, all together. A rare sight.  Boyzens on the left, Girzlens on the right.

The daily flog up the hill to see Minions in their field.  It feels like ruddy miles because it is.

I took carrots.

“Did someone say carrots?”

“Because we love carrots!”

I went for a lovely ride on Klængur. Daisy rode Iacs and then I had a little potter on Haakon too.

So all good. The sun was shining, it was an excellent horsey day.

3 thoughts on “Pictures From My Day

  1. Sam

    What a delightful day you had. A peaceful BeAnne, a thwarted Monster, content Sheeples, hungry Minions and Handsome Horse. All in a sunny day. Sigh.


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