Klaengur to Fat Camp

Klængur is fat. I’m not going to sugar-coat this. He looks like a hippo on the verge of laminitis.

So today he went to live with my neighbour’s mare who needs a fat companion. Yup, I have one of those….

Luckily Klængur thought Hekla was luffley.

Hekla can’t eat green grass and a fat on-the-verge-of-laminitic friend was required.  Ta da! Here is one I prepared earlier.

The couple have a variety of paddocks with no grass.  Perfect.

And this is just what my ginger hippo needs.

He tried to suck in his belly to impress.

He convinced no one, I told him!

I am pleased these two get on well. This set-up benefits us all.  Klængur is only over the road and I can even see him from my house.

I am being cruel to be kind.

He will thank me for this.

Hekla and Klængur sort of know each other – they have been ridden out together.

Meanwhile the Old Men are trying to miss Klængur, but mostly think they will get his food!  Nope.

2 thoughts on “Klaengur to Fat Camp

  1. Sam

    Klaegnur has a lovely diet buddy! Such yummy mane, she has.
    Good chuckle at the Old men trying to sucker feed out of you.

  2. Nancy

    Those B&Ws of Monster are spot on — well done. While working from home w/pandemic may have (cough) caused some of us to gain a similar amount of poundage – empathy with Klaegnur’s new posting!


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