To the Vet

It’s never fun, but a small doglet – Pepperpot – had to go to the vet this morning as she has been scooching around on her bottom for a while now with smells.  I popped her in the dog crate and she was as good as gold in the car – no whining, no whinging, just smiles and patiently waiting her turn once we arrived.   She even made friends with a collie in reception who she was desperate to play with, as was he.

Pepper also had her pre-op check up as she is being spayed next month.  The vet described her weight as “heavy” – so I think a pre-op diet will begin too.  I think Pepper enjoyed her adventure apart from the veterinary procedure which is undignified at best.  Anyway, thankfully the problem has now been solved.

Then vegetable packing this afternoon and I came home to Monster telling me he was starving and no one cared about him.

This is his “you will feed me” face!

I was shouted at…..

…until I gave in.




6 thoughts on “To the Vet

  1. Loiuse Whyte

    what a face.

    I imagine Pepperpot had the same indignity that Kim suffered or Triki Woo in the Herriot books

  2. Sam

    Hope the bottom smells are taken care of now. As for Monster, has he called Little Miss Maine Coon to discuss badgering skills to get us to feed them?

  3. Tara

    One of mine keeps getting blocked anal glands. My vet who adores my cat taught me how to ‘express’ them. Although it can result in me having little vomits at the smell, its less stressful than a trip to the vet.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Glad that Pepper is now on the mend. As for the Monster in your house, I just want to squish him with a big hug. Glad you fed that noisy boy.


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