I am not talking to Fivla

I am not talking to Fivla. She is in total disgrace.

Yesterday was Farrier Day so Stephen and I duly walked up the hill to trim the Minions’ feet.

We took two rugs with us as torrential rain is forecast tomorrow. Vitamin shakes when it rains so I wanted to fit Vitamin with one.  The light rainsheet was a perfect fit and, as she was rather anxious when I put it on, I decided to leave it on her.

So everyone chased Vitamin around the field, which was not nice and all I could hope was that they would calm down after we had gone.  Fivla was the worst.  All teeth and ears flat back.

I went up early this morning to check everyone. I gave Vitamin her bucket and could see that the herd had calmed down now.

While Vitamin was eating, I noticed a strap was loose, so I started tightening everything up….. until I found a massive rip at the back (other side).  The rug was now unwearable.

Furious, I took off the rug.  I had no choice. It was useless in this state.

And Fivla is still being a cow.

Vitamin is on her guard all the time.

And I have had words with Fivla about this.

But, on a good note, I did notice as I was leaving, Vitamin giving two massive bucks kicking Fivla in the teeth.  Inwardly I cheered.  I hope Fivla will back off now.

The damage.

And white hairs all over it – that points to one pony!

And I am saddened by this. Fivla and Vitamin were always the greatest of friends.  Now they are the greatest of enemies.  If this goes on, I must try and get Vitamin home (no van = garage). Meanwhile, during the wind and rain, I will feed her twice a day and hope that is enough.  *** sigh *** – what to do?


3 thoughts on “I am not talking to Fivla

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Poor Vitamin. It’s horrible when they fall out. It’s such a worry and it could be expensive if rugs keep getting ripped.

    1. Frances Post author

      They chip off if on stone ground or they become incapacitated along with their teeth and die.


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