Killed my Horses!

I was walking to the car this morning, only to see my two horses flat out looking rather dead!  As we had been on two very fast rides earlier, I guess it was inevitable.

Feeling slightly concerned that I had killed them both, I went over to check.  A bijoux “chattering” of starlings flew past and that woke the two snoozers up.

I think they were exhausted though and they have no one to blame but themselves.

Haakon has now worn through his (rear) hoofboots with his enthusiastic piggy-pacing. There is no stopping him.  He won’t be told and bounces on the spot if I try to slow him down.  OH is trying to mend the boots with fibreglass to see if we can get a bit more use from them. The house stinks.  In the back of my mind there is a memory from my childhood.

Haakon refuses to act his grand old age – 26.

Klængur, on the other hoof, went out with Taktur and the pair of them wound each other up trying to be slightly in front.  It was never-ending and only when we had turned for home, and fast-tölt raced they both gave up for a while, probably out of exhaustion.

But they deserve their sleep and I crept away.  I don’t like being “in their space” while they are lying down.

While I was clambering elegantly back over the fence, Klængur got up.

He asked Haakon if he was getting up.  The reply was a resounding “no”.

I am sure I could hear the laughing as I left!

6 thoughts on “Killed my Horses!

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    Frances, one of your best. These ponies are some of the most talented models I’ve ever seen; I’m laughing out loud at some of the facial expressions. But as I’m home on a gloomy day, having just cleaned out a drain (the upstairs people don’t understand what can and can’t go down the sink) the knowledge there is a field full of grass, wildflowers and happy Shetlands makes me smile. Have a great day, Suzanne

  2. Gail

    Haakon refuses to act his grand old age – 26.

    I suspect someday someone will say the same about YOU, Frances–refusing to act your grand old age in a few decades.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Just awesome horse pics! I love the expression on the one standing….like he’s really talking to you. And I’d guess he is!


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