I went out yesterday with my camera as I wanted to take photos of the colours of the heather that is out all over the hills at the moment. Shetland is stunning.

I didn’t do very well and was disappointed with the results.  I just hadn’t “captured” it and I wish I could bottle the smell too. It is heavenly.

So I went home and took a photo of the cat instead.  We can all play “Let’s count the chins!”

So, today, armed with my camera, a different lens, a tripod (this could make the difference), a remote thingy and then back into the house for a memory card (duh), I went back out to have another shot. I also Googled “how to take photos like National Geographic” and jotted down the settings required for landscapes.

Armed with information and now possibly dangerous, I took these photos.

I was now bored of heather and diversified.


Not exactly National Geographic standard, but I tried and the midges came out, so I ran away home!

14 thoughts on “Heather

  1. Celeste

    These are spectacular photos! I like the first set just as much as the second set. I haven’t been there when the heather is out in full bloom like this and don’t know its smell, but wow! And the water lilies too are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this with us, you are a terrific photographer.

  2. Pauline Howard

    I think all the photo are beautiful. 3rd and 4th ones I love, I think they would make a great picture to frame. Thank you for all your work bringing your readers so many great pics. I appreciate them all always so many interesting things going on with you. Love the blog. Best wishes to you and yours.

  3. darby callahan

    I think both sets are very beautiful. and Monster is quite handsome! I once knew a young woman who went to Shetland to paint. she fell in love with a Shetlander and i went to their wedding. (in the US I have long since lost touch and wonder if they ever went back.

  4. Michelle

    I think your first photos are best! For those of us viewing from afar, it looks spectacular, but I imagine that after seeing all that glory in person, no photos would do it justice in your eyes.

  5. Margaret Robinson

    Think the first grouping is good, the second is outstanding – watch out NG Francis is taking pictures!

    Shetland is one of the most beautiful places ever and you’re so lucky to live there and be able to take photos whenever you like and of anything you like, including the very photogenic Monster.

  6. diane in northern wis

    I think your pictures are absolutely beautiful…..breathtaking even! I think you did an excellent job of showing us the beauty of your land.


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