Down the hill

On our way out of the door to go and “do veg”, I saw Dreki sitting in the grass like Ferdinand, the Bull –  the book, never the film.  Don’t ever mention the film.

A few hours later, Daisy moved the boys into their night-time field and I quickly walked down to the bottom of the hill to take action shots of them all galloping downhill.  It is such an impressive sight.

So they didn’t.  They all stood there, at the top, and watched me.

Eventually they started to move off and I was ready.

It was a half-arsed attempt.

But, with some encouragement, Kappi did a bit of a canter.

Swiftly followed by Efstur.

Dreki (who is sporting a very strange forelock – I will investigate tomorrow and it could be a result of the unforgiving bastard midges last night) did his little descent.

And then Taktur took a deep breath and galloped.

Oh wow!

Man on a mission.

Taktur really does put his heart and soul into it.

Such a wonderful stallion (*** swoon ***) ❤️


4 thoughts on “Down the hill

  1. Sam

    Clearly people did not like the Ferdinand comment. Hence the slow movements to the new field.
    Until The Star Stud knew he was on camera….

  2. Sharrie Brockhaus

    Ferdinand the Bull is one of two favorite books from my childhood, the other being Timothy the Turtle. Interesting to see someone from so far off knowing about the flower loving bull. Besides I now have a beautiful Shetland sheep named Solei.

    1. Frances Post author

      For many years I truly believed corks grew on trees like the one Ferdinand sat under. I was so disappointed when I found out this was not true!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Oh Frances….what gorgeous, gorgeous pictures of gorgeous, gorgeous horses.
    You spoil us with the beauty of them.


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