Keeping Going

Theory – If I stop, I will seize up.

Today, I decided to burn the wood in my derelict croft house at Clothie.  I want to turn one of the houses or sheds into a shelter for the Bebbies.  Clothie, all 5 acres, is going to be their new home.  It is close by and just perfect for them.  We need a roof though on one of the houses/sheds.  So we had a bonfire of all the brick (rubbish).  The original house had been left by its inhabitants with all the furniture, etc about 20-30 years ago.

L1080588 L1080592

Apparently Clothie had been a school as well.  This room is attached but completely separate from the main house.  They both have front doors.


This is one of the byres (sheds).


We found many bits and pieces.  All intriguing.

L1080610 L1080612 L1080614  L1080623 L1080624 L1080628

So I made a big bonfire to burn the rotten wood.   OH kept back anything he might use.


BeAnne and Loki came with us and were very unhelpful by having a fight over a rabbit.  This photo was taken after everyone had been shouted at.


Next, I :-

  • dished out the silage to my Icelandics
  • fed Taktur and put him back
  • cleaned out the bebbies’ bedroom and put in new straw
  • rode Haakon outside taking BeAnne with me for walk
  • cleared up the silage that was blowing about and covering any spring grass
  • dished out more silage as the first portion was fairly mean
  • caught Taktur, tacked him up and, and, and…..

….. rode him!  I have to ride Taktur every day (Mon-Fri) for 20 minutes asking him to walk out, stretch and bend.  I am just getting used to his huge stride and we are getting to know each other too.

Let’s just say I have an enormous grin on my face.

L1080643 L1080652 L1080709 L1080745

(I might be feeling a tad exhausted now)

4 thoughts on “Keeping Going

  1. John Davies

    At one point in my life I was interested enough in “historic archeology” to spend a summer helping to excavate a sod home that was left behind in western Kansas. It’s interesting to look at other peoples junk that they’ve left behind! It’s probably also fun to burn it if you can! Looks like a mess!

  2. Linda

    Interesting stuff in the croft house; makes you wonder who lived there, what they were like, etc.
    Taktur is such a beautiful boy…


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