Hair – there and everywhere

Everyone is shedding their winter coat.  I do what I can brushing it out a bit at a time but it is beginning to get everywhere and travel with me.

Today, for lunch, I had cheese on toast with at least 10 horse hairs in it.  I tried to pick them out and then gave up and ate the whole thing, hair and all.

I brushed Fakur this morning.  I wanted to ride him in the school as I thought he was looking rather dejected and unloved in the field.  I rode him briefly in the school.  He felt like an unexploded bomb getting more and more tense so I bailed on the basis that “He who fights and runs away, may live to fight another day”.  I am not stupid.  If my waters churn, they are usually right


So I gave him some silage and put BeAnne on his back.  He just stood there while I rode Haakon instead.


The bebbies were on sleepy form. We had completed another module in their education and they were zizzing in their field afterwards.

BN2A5980   BN2A5989

More and more hair is coming out and I do my best to groom them, a little at a time while they stand and chat to me.  This is all from Storm who is full of bits that just ask to be pulled out.

BN2A5997 BN2A6000

They were all very good in the school earlier – they led nicely individually, no teeth at all and picked up their feet without an argument.


So I am feeling quite smug at my industrious day – oh  yes, and we had another bonfire and I rode Taktur on my own in the school.  He was the perfect gentleman.


2 thoughts on “Hair – there and everywhere

  1. Mandy

    Don’t worry about eating hair, aren’t we supposed to have fibre in our diet?! The time to worry is if you start coughing up hairballs!

    Mandy xx

  2. Sam

    At least the horse hair lands somewhere. My 2 Maine Coon cats are shedding like mad and their hair floats and wafts and wanders like an indoor snow shower…


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