Victims, Sorry, Visitors

We had some visitors today to meet the Bebbies.  As there were now three of us, I caught each pony and handed a rope to my new assistants.  We brought the boys into the indoor school as it was pissing down outside with no chance of stopping.

Silver found a new friend (as did BeAnne).  It always best to make friends on their level. Standing up scares them but kneeling to chat gives them a chance to investigate.


BeAnne was very keen on sitting on my visitors’ feet in case they thought about escaping.  Luckily we had made them prisoners.


Waffle was revolting.  He decided to roll as much as possible in the sand until no one would go near him.  Ugh!  I loathe wet sand. It makes my skin crawl and Waffle was no exception.  Repellant little boy.

L1080575 L1080580

I have worked out now (only taken me a few months) that the Bebbies are all better tied up as far away as possible from each other.  So this is Storm standing in a pile of his mess because he thinks he is “all alone” (his friends are opposite) and is also bored.  They all want my attention all the time. I need three hands most of the time.


My new helper was happy to work with Silver and I will admit that this was good otherwise it can be like an international Rugby match for me on my own, trying to get three mischievous Shetland ponies into my indoor school at the same time.


So the Bebbies did good (so proud, sniff) and showed off their best behaviour.  I was proud of them.  They all led well, had their feet picked up and tried their very best.

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