Just Us Girls

I have a great deal (not allowed to say “a lot” – this is not good English) to think about at the moment.  The results of some recent biopsies are hogging my brain time and that is not healthy.  To top it all, I received the most appalling email yesterday…..  I nearly fell apart.  It hit me very hard before what’s left of my brain kicked in and I realised it was viral spam shite.


On days like those, I need to clear my head and rediscover my perspective.  So BeAnne and I went for a walk on the beach.  I didn’t take Loki because I wanted it to be simple – just my little friend and me.


BeAnne did some playing.  She loves the water and dived into the streams that flow into the sea.


There was some running when I threw her a bit of dried grass.  There weren’t any sticks about.

BN2A0906 BN2A0907

The waves were beautiful.  Not huge but just right.

BN2A0853  BN2A0857    

And so I did my thinking.  I tried to put everything into the correct “sock drawer” in my head.  I hope I succeeded as all I can do is wait really.

BN2A0921  BN2A0968

Walking on the beach is my idea of bliss.  That and riding my horses.


BeAnne’s idea of heaven is swimming.  She was very happy and loves it when it is just us together.


My little otter.


And now she looks like Dennis the Menace’s Gnasher!


Ho hum, what will be will be.  I can’t change anything.  I don’t want sympathy.  I am just telling you what is going on in my life at the moment.


I think there might be more walks along here before I get the results.  The NHS wheels grind very slowly and my over-active brain is over-thinking everything.


Bloody Google!

7 thoughts on “Just Us Girls

  1. Karen

    I’m with you all the way Frances on beach walking in deserted places to ease the mind. We recently grabbed a week on deserted winter shores in Norfolk to take a breath from dealing with personal traumas. Years since I have ridden horses, but I remember well the sense of freedom and togetherness that a good horse and ride can bring. BeAnne is a real character and I love her Gnasher lookalike photo.

  2. John Davies

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Frances. My wife has been through cancer and beat it (five years free last month) and even though she’s laid up after knee surgury she’s doing okay now!

  3. Linda Loba

    I thank you also for sharing with us. Know we’re out here listening and caring. There’s nothing like the outdoors for clearing out thoughts, worries, and other unwanted things that can fill up the mind to bursting. It also helps to talk/write about it; I’ve definitely learned that.

  4. Linda

    You inspire me to keep it simple Frances. Love from across the Atlantic. Maybe you’ll have good weather for riding this week – I hope so!

  5. Rhonda Lane

    Horses and the beach. Who needs meditation with them nearby? Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We’ll probably never meet in person, but we all have met on a soul level via horses and ponies. We’ll all be praying out here that you can enjoy spring in peace and good health.


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