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Life is travelling along pretty much the same for us.  We go out only to check horses or exercise ourselves and our routine works well.

After doing the horses and ponies, every afternoon I go to my she-shed and continue to make sheeple (this one is waiting for his coat) and in the evening, I transcribe my Great Great Aunt Kate’s diaries.  1906 has been reached so that’s 12 years done.  I find it fascinating and am enjoying it very much.

As for the sheeple side, well, I keep making them for a non-existent market.  The shop that sells them is closed at present and the visitors are not here.

But I enjoy making them and will just keep going until a) I run out of wool or b) I run out of shed space – whichever arrives first.

In other news, a certain old lady (namely Edna) has told me she is very probably in lamb.

Despite my vet’s best efforts when they were first rescued off the open hill where they were deliberately dumped with ear tags cut out, I would think a lamb or two may be around the corner next week.

If there is any bright side to this, at least (and I need to have this confirmed by my sheep expert), Madge is not in lamb so as Edna is very tame, she will be easy to help if required.  I am about to hit Youtube and look for an instant lambing course for those that know nothing.  This is not what I planned.

Lamb(s)….. I can’t say I am thrilled but what will be, will possibly be.  Please let it go smoothly because I really do not know what I am doing and can’t even pretend that I do.

8 thoughts on “Just Stuff and News

  1. Linda

    Awww…congratulations to Edna, and with your good intentions and a little help from YouTube, I have faith that you will have a beautiful new little lamb in your family.

    P.S. I love that tablecloth in the first picture.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Sometimes it’s the ones that don’t know what they’re doing, that do the best!
    Not sure more sheeples is what you need, but life is life, so congrats to all. Guess you all will be spending lots of time awake at night. At least it’s something new to do. Good luck!

  3. Linda Kirk

    I’m sure Edna will welcome it. If you hadn’t intervened and rescued her and Madge, the three of them wouldn’t have survived. A new life, it’s exciting! and if Edna does need a midwife, you’ll be brilliant.

  4. Elva

    I also think it will most likely be more than a week. Lambing is usually pretty easy, especially if you compare it to having to help with a calf! One good thing to know (I don’t know if you do this with mama horses) is once a lamb is born, it is a good idea to take a squirt out of each teat to make sure the teat is not plugged. Sometimes you have to squeeze really hard to make that plug come out. Sometimes looking at lots of lambing information beforehand just makes a person more nervous. Only resort to that if there is trouble! Even if you have to assist, it usually is easy because the lamb is right there, not like a calf which can be a long reach. I am sure it will all go fine!! I look forward to hearing about it!

  5. diane in northern wis

    Congrats on the new little addition coming to your house soon. Hope everything goes well and knowing you it will! Peace to all!

  6. Sally Feldt

    Aw, dear Edna took the ‘making sheeple’ thing a bit too literally! Bless her. She will be fine – and you will be wonderful Nurse Frances once again if required xxx


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