Is that Spring Grass?

Ok, well the news so far…..

Edna is definitely pregnant with (please God) only one lamb.  She is an ideal weight and the lamb should arrive in two weeks’ time.  Madge is (thank you God) not pregnant, just doing very well.  This is from my sheep expert.  I am still in shock about this whole situation but to quote Doris Day “Que Sera, Sera”.

And today the rain stopped, the sun shone, and though the wind blows hard, I took my camera to see the Minions who seriously did not want to be hugged or anything.  They had found the beginning of the Spring grass.  Hoomans were chopped liver.

Yes, the grass is finally here, if completely invisible to the photographic lens.

The Minions have wintered very well and are a happy little herd.

All are fat as butter and want to be fatter.

I am particularly pleased with the old ladies.  Vitamin is looking especially beautiful.

While Fivla is sporting turquoise spray on her face for some fur she lost (about the size of a penny) – we’ve no idea how she did this but, when in doubt, spray everything with turquoise antibiotic spray.

The little boys remain enthusiastic about everything.

Especially all things carrot!

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