Flying Solo

Daisy and I have been taking things very slowly with Efstur as he is a sensitive chap who does far too much thinking.

A few days ago, Daisy asked me to “let go”, ie put the lead rope over Efstur’s neck.  Efstur then followed me while she backed up my verbal instructions with leg, seat and hand aids.

Today was the first day I could take a step back from the track and it was more Daisy’s onboard input than my body and spoken language on the ground.

It was not all plain sailing, by any means, as Efstur was obviously unsure of what was being asked and tried to evade the question if he could but Daisy quietly told him what she wanted and went over the basics again and again and again.

Today Efstur learned the halt transition and walk forwards in a straight line aids and by the end he knew he was a good boy because he had got it.  Other things he already knows are to stand still when Daisy gets on and off and to not move off until he is asked.  All this may seem very little and insignificent but for us these are the essential training foundation stones from which we build.

Her Maj found a nice patch of sunlight and dozed.

So it was a good training day for Efstur.

2 thoughts on “Flying Solo

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Dozing should be considered a high point, anytime! Efstur is going grand and it’s lovely to watch Daisy on-board. Keep up the good work, all of you (esp. the dozing part).


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