Just Black and White

I thought I would go black and white today. Something different.

There was a brief lull in the rain so I went out with my big camera to capture the magic. Shetland is always beautiful, I remind myself.

Monster was squozing himself from under my car. Knowing his feelings for me (or lack thereof), I suspect he has cut the brakes!

What me?  No! Never, of course not. I’m innocent, I am. Drive it and see. Go on!

These days, everyone is outside again and I am trying not go down the always-in-a-stable-and-feeding-hay route.  Fresh air is better for horses.

But, for me, it is a very easy trap to fall into and theoretically we are not really into a full-on proper Shetland winter yet (though it feels like it).

I am also trying hard to keep the Boyzenberries at home despite their constant attempts to escape.  I put them in a field every day and then they spend it looking at me malevolently and trying to catch my eye to ask if I will let them out because apparently sheep don’t live in fields. I gave in today and let them out early.

Lambie is in a very odd mood. He goes round just looking, well…..odd!

He appears to be cross-eyed. Like I said, odd.

(I quite like this black and white – better than filters)

Anyway, the rain is giving up now for a few days and hopefully we will all dry out, eventually.

Though, I am still not convinced that my car has not been tampered with!

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