Love my Boys

Everyone has been moved to Clothie, 5 acres of field that hasn’t been touched since Haakon and Iacs left it over a month ago.  After the storm, I thought it would be a good place for the youngsters to be for a bit.  We lug hay over daily.

Efstur and Taktur are still being fed their smigeon of hard-feed.  With five horses in the field, I took some headcollars to fend off any circling vultures.

But I didn’t need them.

We put the two buckets out and Efstur and Taktur instantly knew they were for them.

As the others didn’t bother, Floss went and gave them each a carrot to say “thank you chaps”.  Dear boys.

Dreki came over for a little chat but he knew better than to ask his father for his food.

So once Floss had distributed evenly and fairly her carrots, she kept Dreki occupied pratisicing a very important Thordale training technique – the Nose Kissey.

As you can see, Dreki has mastered and loves this method of training (he is a very good kisser or perhaps that is too much information!)


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