Haakon’s Hooves

My poor, poor Haakon is still very lame.

From the tip of his hoof, Jo dug out a black tar like abscess that stunk beyond all known things.  Back to the daily soaking and poulticing but I suppose at least we know where it is and how to get it out.


Poor love can hardly walk so he stays in his stable with his friend and relation, Iacs.


To be honest, looking at the way Haakon walks, I am wondering if we will find something else in his other foot too of similar description.


Haakon, as ever, is being very stoical.  He is careful and accepts that he can’t go anywhere.  All the doors are left wide open to give him fresh air (so important, imho), and yet he doesn’t leave and stays where he is most comfortable.


As a reward for his good behaviour, I give him what he likes most – hay.  He loves hay and has gone off silage so I make him haynets to keep him occupied and happy.


While he is standing in his bucket of hot water, I groom him too.  He likes this and often just goes to sleep with his head low while I brush.


I visit him often, mostly to refill the haynet, but to talk to him and he knows he is not forgotten.


Today, the others let themselves out into the big field and I will call them home later as Taktur has to be trained, the Minions have to bath, change into their jammies, clean their teeth and then bed and no, not one more story, Storm, I said bed!


3 thoughts on “Haakon’s Hooves

  1. Linda

    Those poor little hooves! What a good job you’re doing, keeping Haakon comfortable and feeling so cared for.


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