It’s Back


The Cough is back.


I thought we had vanquished it.


There were even a few weeks when they were al cough-free.


But no, yesterday cough, cough, cough from poor little Silver.  He was hacking away.


Luckily I still have the antibiotics from the last round, so he is now being injected daily.


And also luckily, Silver is being very nice about it.


I am also jagging Waffle, even though he hasn’t coughed just in case he starts.  He is the only one who has not shown any symptoms.


My theory is that everyone else except Delia has had this cough and it makes itself known after “bad” weather.


I am hoping Delia, because of her age or something, is immune and, obviously, I will treat her if she shows any symptoms.


Waffle and Silver were the last into the herd so it was inevitable they would catch it.


Just because it had been a long time since I heard a cough, I stupidly thought they had got away with it.


I had been lulled into a false sense of security.


The only one who hasn’t actually coughed, (apart from Delia) is Tiddles, but when he was at Thordale keeping Storm company, I jagged him for a few days just in case he had it too.  He is fine.


Anyway, coughing is the only symptom.


It doesn’t seem to stop anyone from playing.


So I am not going to worry too much.


This week it is all change, so I want to clear The Cough up before I split them up to go to different herds.


I am sad to split them up as they are a happy/argumentative bunch but others need their company now.  The Minions always have jobs to go to.


2 thoughts on “It’s Back

  1. Terri

    These photos make me feel as if I am out in the field with you all. I love seeing the camaraderie among the herd. (Hope the Cough clears up pronto! They look none the worse for it, thankfully.)
    PS Yesterday I especially enjoyed the photo of you and Brisk — I’d love to see more of you interacting with your family-who-live-outside if the photographers come back to visit.

  2. Sam

    Sorry to hear “The Cough” is back. Glad to know the Minions have new jobs awaiting them! Such a huge change from when they arrived.


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